Friday, July 30, 2010

Database Open House at the Library


If you haven't had a chance to experience the new databases, such as Mango, Sunday is your chance!  This Sunday the Wells Branch Community Library will be holding a Database Open House.  Come to the library any time between 1PM and 6PM to see a sampling of the databases that we have available for our patrons. This is also your chance to register for one of our upcoming database workshops where you'll learn hands-on how to use these amazing resources. We subscribe to Mango Languages, Ebsco Hobbies & Crafts, JobView, ResumeMaker, and the Texshare Databases. Visit our database page on the website here.

See you then,

Friday, July 16, 2010

My First Lesson

Good morning, or should I say, Buenos dias?

The Mango languages course is extremely addictive.  It sucks you in to the different lessons and makes it really easy to learn basic phrases and terms.  I just finished the first lesson in basic Spanish today, and I'm feeling pretty good.  With the basic lessons, you can learn how to make basic small talk with others.  I found it to be really quick to pick up on as well.

I would have finished sooner, but my wife is the one that is really gung-ho about the new language database.  The first night she signed on, she was in the office for a couple of hours with it.  Not content to just learn Spanish, she also went through the lessons on Japanese!  Pretty soon she'll be trilingual!

A new language is not just something that you do by yourself.  Language is meant to be expressive, and there is no better way to be expressive than with a partner.  My wife and I have buddied up to try to reinforce each other's learning in Mango.  It is a lot of fun to discover new languages together, so don't feel like it's just something that you sit in front of a computer screen and then put in the back of your mind.  Get out there and learn with a friend.

Plus, it's great for children.  Kids soak up what you teach them like a sponge, and what better way to bond with your child than by learning something together?  Take some lessons together, and then try out what you've learned with one another over the dinner table.  You and your kids will enjoy the excitement and challenge that goes with communicating in your new language.

Hasta pronto,

Friday, July 2, 2010

Setting Up Your Account

The first step in your learning process will be accessing the Mango Languages tool.  To do so, go to and click on Mango Languages at the bottom, or you can go directly to the site here.  The first page you will see is the login screen:

I chose to create a profile, which will allow me to log in later, and pick up where I left off in my lesson.  Simply enter your library card number, e-mail address, and choose a password you will use to later log on and click Sign Up.

Mango will then send you an e-mail with a link to activate your account.  Click on the link, and Mango will activate your account, and take you to your home screen:

Click Start Learning to see all the different languages that are available.  From Arabic to Vietnamese, there are many to choose from, and even courses designed specifically for those taking English as a second language.  

There are two types of courses, Basic, and Complete.  The Basic course offers conversational language understanding, while the complete is for those who wish to become more fluent.  I will start with the Basic course, then take the Complete course after completing some of the foundational principles.

Once you have selected your course, Mango will take you through the different lessons of immersive learning, and since you have an account, you can always come back later to pick up where you started.  

Good luck, and happy learning,
Brian Coalson
Board Treasurer

Learning a New Language

Good morning eager new language students.  As you may have noticed, the Wells Branch Community Library has added a new database, Mango.  This database is a learning tool for anyone who wants to learn a second, third, or even fourth language, giving users an intuitive and easy to use system to help them learn a new language fast.

Best of all, it is available to all members of the Wells Branch Community Library free of charge from anywhere they have an internet connection.  Just go to and click on Mango Languages.  This will take you to a site you can access with your library card from inside the library, or from the comfort of your own home.

For the next few months, you will see posts from me about my own experiences using Mango to learn Spanish, and how easy and quickly you too can learn a language.  There are many to choose, from Arabic to Vietnamese, so there is sure to be a language that piques your interest.

Have fun and happy learning,
Brian Coalson
WBCL Board Treasurer